1987 – The Year In Music

In January, Husker Du release “Warehouse: Songs And Stories”. On the eve of their ’87 tour, the band’s manager committed suicide, forcing guitarist Bob Mould to take over management duties, furthering the rift between himself and drummer Grant Hart. The band managed to finish the tour, but broke up immediately afterwards. The album’s three singles – “Could You Be The One?”, “She’s A Woman”, and “Ice Cold Ice” – all performed well at college radio, yet receiving only moderate MTV airplay.

U2 release their pivotal fifth studio album, The Joshua Tree, in March. The album rockets to #1 on the strength of hit singles “With Or Without You” (#1), “Where The Streets Have No Name” (#13), “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” (#1). To date, the album is U2’s best-selling release, having sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

In July, Guns & Roses release their debut album, “Appetite For Destruction”. The album would not become a hit until almost a year later, when MTV begins playing the video for “Sweet Child O’ Mine” in heavy rotation. It has gone on to sell over 15 million copies in the US alone.

Despite the release of a new studio album, “Strangeways, Here We Come”, in September, The Smiths disband after the departure of guitarist Johnny Marr.

The Cult release “Electric”, an album that celebrates 70’s-era hard rock, and is seen as a drastic departure from the goth-tinged rock of their previous album, Pinoy Lambingan “Love” which had been a large underground success. The album had initially been recorded with Steve Brown, who had produced “Love”, but the band then opted for a fresher sound, enlisting Rick Rubin. The album peaked at #38 in the US, but songs such as “Love Removal Machine”, “Li’l Devil and “Wild Flower” are some of the band’s best-known material.

In March, Bryan Adams’ “Heat Of The Night” is the first cassette single, or cassingle, to be released in the US.

Def Leppard release “Hysteria” nearly four years after their last album, “Pyromania”. The album had been begun years earlier with usual producer Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who then dropped out due to exhaustion after working a number of lengthy projects. Sessions with Jim Steinman were later aborted, as were sessions that were produced by the band itself. Sessions were further delayed by drummer Rick Allen’s car accident and the severing of his left arm. By the time he had recuperated and mastered the digital kit designed to enable him to play a full kit with one arm, Lange had returned to the fold. The album stands as their best-selling release ever, spending several weeks at #1 and going on to sell over 14 million copies in the US. The album includes six hit singles “Animal” (#19), “Armageddon It (#3), “Rocket” (#12), “Hysteria” (#10), “Pour Some Sugar On Me” (#2), and “Love Bites” (#1).


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