Fire Escape Ladder

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It is also recommended that each home or dwelling have a online escape room fire drill test in the event of an actual fire. We often teach our children not to talk to strangers or stay close to us when shopping in busy stores, but how often do we teach them what to do in the case of a fire, or emergency. You should teach everyone in your home or office how to exit out of your dwelling if they are higher then the main level. A simple test and practice once every three months is recommended. Teach your children not to panic, to call for help on the phone dialing 911, to stay close to the floor if the room is filled with smoke. Teach them to close the doors in the event of a fire and open up the windows and show them the nearest safety routes available to them. It is recommended that the fire escape ladder be used as a last resort when all other options are not possible. This means that all other travel routes are unsafe or unsure.

Remember that your dwelling should have fire extinguishers on all floors and smoke detectors in every room where you stay for long periods of time. They should be checked periodically, batteries should be checked and changed every time we move the clocks forward or backwards. Fire extinguishers need to be inspected. OSHA’s Fire Prevention standard requires all fire extinguishers to be “inspected” annually by someone trained to do that inspection. You should have your fire extinguishers inspected yearly by a safety company, which places month and year inspection tags on each extinguisher.


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