Get Free MLM Leads by Putting the Internet to Work For Any Home Based Business

Congratulations! You have decided to take your financial future into your own hands and start a home based business. Good choice, as network marketing is considered to be the best way to financial success by some of the worlds wealthiest people.

A recent analysis has revealed that 95% of those who stay in network marketing for longer than 5 years go on to become millionaires. Compare that with the average “normal” business and you can see why network marketing is your best bet.

How do you find your prospects? I imagine that you have been taught to talk with your friends, family members, and acquaintances. Or, you may be trying to generate leads through the usual marketing tools, surveys, event or trade show promotions, and informative websites. Many so-called ‘experts’ advocate a quick and convenient way to acquire MLM leads lists which is to simply buy the list from a third party company.

The list of family and friends soon dries up, and the purchased leads are often even more discouraging than the list of family and friends. For the new MLM business owner, these methods may be too costly or time consuming. Eventually the aspiring business owner begins to feel as if their new business was just a scam to get their money.

Even more insidious is the holy grail of free MLM leads.

If the business owner decides to take advantage of some of the free leads available, they usually discover that there wasn’t anything free about it. Often, there is a ‘something for nothing’ or ‘get rich quick’ mentality which leads to a dead end of despair.

Let’s do a reality check here first. It is important to remember that ALL businesses require some amount of work. Every business incurs the expense of advertising and marketing. Every business requires time to develop. Let me say this again: Every business requires work.

The key to network marketing is that you do the work once, teach what works to others, and they continue doing the same thing. This is what produces a successful business. To be the most effective, you need proper training on the latest technology. This is of the utmost importance and should be the highest priority.

Using old school Network marketing techniques to grow a MLM business is no longer effective. Over years of time it does work, but today’s modern internet technology can accomplish the same amount of success in months instead of years, sometimes even days!

Let me tell you the two most important steps to remember in the development of your MLM business:

First and foremost – Free MLM leads should be generated by YOU, not someone else. Why? Because network marketing or MLM, is a relationship business. There is no relationship in buying a lead from someone else. YOU must form a relationship which builds trust between you and your prospect. A feeling of “US”, is the core principle in Trust. HULT PRIVATE CAPITAL

Second, and VERY important. STOP selling! You are marketing, not selling! It is Network Marketing, not Network Selling! There is only one sell that you should ever have to make – the initial investment to start your business, and your own monthly purchase. This monthly purchase is not an expense, it is an investment in your future.

Compared to the investment costs of most other businesses, Your business investment is a small price to pay for the millionaire possibilities of network marketing.

John Domzalski is an expert in the field of attraction marketing and currently spends his time building his company. He lives with his fiancee Gae in Sharpsburg GA.


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