Online Business Investments – Tips and Quick Facts

The internet allows investors to research on business opportunities, quickly and inexpensively. However, the internet can be unsafe if proper guidelines are not followed. Your personal finances can be invaded by identity thieves and hackers. To eliminate future disappointments, you should take some steps which include:

1. Use a fire wall, anti spy and anti-virus software and make sure that they are up-to-date at all times.

2. Avoid using shared or public computers while accessing your online accounts. Be cautious when you use your personal computer in a wireless hotspot. If you are in a café, airport, hotel or a public place remember to ask the proprietor whether the safety measures are in position. HULT PRIVATE CAPITAL

3. Do not contribute to your password through anybody via internet, email or on the phone. You can make it tougher for hackers by using not less than 8 digit passwords. The longer the password, the safer it is. Avoid common words and also include numbers and symbols on your password.

4. Don’t trust everything that you read in investment blogs, online newsletters or bulletin boards. False information is used by frauds and con artists to lure unsuspecting investors or manipulate the market for a particular security.

5. While researching for information concerning investments, turn to unbiased sources.

6. Disregard emails that ask questions that prompt for your personal information. You wouldn’t want to risk downloading a virus or a spyware that can log your key strokes when you type your PIN or password.

7. If possible, use a security token. This is a small number generating device that ensures that the password changes after every 30 or 60 seconds. Identity thieves are always frustrated with these unpredictable password codes.

8. Make sure that you always log out completely. Minimizing or closing your browser is not enough as it may give others the access of your account details.

How to avoid investment scams

• Don’t make an investment just because you have read it on an online newsletter or a blog. Mostly avoid those from small companies that are not well known. Before you invest, verify the information posted first so that you are assured of the company’s legitimacy.

• It is not a guarantee that because a company is registered with the state-regulatory organization will offer good investment opportunity. Take caution and identify the ones that do not have the potential of promoting your investment.

• Always take your time and think properly before your engage yourself in an investment venture. Some promoters will pressurize you before you even get the chance to make up your mind. Remember that when a deal is too good; most of the times you have to think twice.

• Be careful on the stock tips you get from people you don’t know as they may be misleading.

How to report fraud

If at any time you encounter fraud or become a victim of a scam, you should file a report with the police at once. You can also file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission or with the SEC through the online complaint center.

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