Romance in Words – Quotes of Love

So, when is the last time you saw a book claiming to be full of romance and quotes? They aren’t hard to find, and it’s for a simple reason: there have been countless memorable romance quotes uttered and written throughout the centuries, and the greatest, most famous love quotes are often recorded and repeated for years and years. There’s just something about romance that make couples feel good about themselves and their relationships.

But what if I told you that all of those famous quotes you find in books and on the Internet really aren’t the greatest or most romantic words at all? While it’s fine to look at history for inspiration from the most quoted words of romance, in fact the most consequential romantic love quotes are the ones that you and your lover say to each other on a daily basis. I know, I know: sometimes it seems like the daily things you do and say in the course of your relationship are extremely mundane and run-of-the-mill. But believe me, the inspiration for famous romantic movies and novels is found in equally commonplace relationships!

It really doesn’t matter if the romantic words you say to each other in your relationship are the kind of poetic quality as the love quotes in romance novels or on the big screen. Literature and movie scripts often overdo things, and if you said some of the love quotes from Shakespeare to your sweetheart, it would probably get you some pretty strange looks. What really matters is if you make sure your feelings and respect for your lover are made apparent every day in the words you speak to them.

Even if your most romantic love quotes don’t go beyond “I love you,” those three words hold more significance to you and your sweetheart than all of the romance novels and movies in the world. What matters is not the actual love quotes that you use, but rather the romantic sentiments, feelings and actions that are behind them. How you show your romance is far more significant to your relationship than the words you use to communicate those feelings.

The next time you read a romance novel or watch a romance movie, don’t get jealous or feel inadequate when you hear amazing love quotes from the characters. Those lovers are not real people, but you and your significant other are. The love quotes you utter to each other are far more important different sex positions to your relationship. Don’t judge your own romance by what other couple on the screen or in books say to each other; instead, judge the success of your relationship be how happy you and your sweetheart really are!

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