The best cat litter, according to veterinarians

We’ve owned a cat, We’ve learned that some cat litters stink up the whole apartment, others go up in a cloud of dust when you scoop them, and still, others get caught in the cat’s paws and spread all over the floor. Add to that the fact that cats are notoriously picky eaters, and one cat’s favorite litter can be completely unpleasant for another. Jessica Herman, the veterinarian at Fuzzy Pet Health, says, “It often takes trial and error to find out what type of litter your feline friend likes.

Choosing the best Cat Litters

best cat litters

There are a variety of products out there, each promising unique benefits for you and your cat – from easy cleaning and odor control to low dusting and high-quality materials. To help sort through the advertising promises, we asked ten experts which litter they recommend and which they actually use for their own pets. Our panel includes veterinarians who know what’s healthiest for cats, as well as shelter workers and behaviorists who have worked with hundreds of cats over the years and know which litter is right for even the messiest cats. (We’ve also listed our experts at the end of this article.

Your Cat loves It

best cat litters

Cats know their preferences and will tell you if the litter does not meet the requirements. To avoid litter box refusal and other problems, choose a fine-grained litter that studies show cats prefer. This is likely because it mimics the sandy texture that cats naturally prefer to go to the bathroom. If you’re using a new litter, ease your cat’s transition by mixing the new litter with the old for a week.

The mess in the litter box will not take your house

best cat litter

We get it: Cat litter boxes are gross. That’s why you hide them in the bathroom or in a back room. The last thing you want is for litter box dirt to seep into the rest of your home. 44 percent of cat owners say they are concerned about how the litter box will affect the cleanliness of their home. That’s no surprise, considering that parasites and cat health problems are caused by licking the litter box. Choosing a high-quality, dust-free best cat litter is crucial.

Wide Range of Natural Cat Litter

best cat litter

Natural cat litter is made from a variety of materials, so you have many options from which to choose. Depending on various factors such as scent, clumping, cost, absorbency, etc., you can decide which litter is right for your cat. There are options made from natural materials such as corn kernels, walnut shells, cedar/hardwood, and many others. It might be worth trying one or two different varieties to see which one your cat likes best.

We know that it’s very important for cat owners like you to keep their cats healthy, happy, and growing up in a good environment. Using natural cat litter means you’re offering a safe, chemical-free alternative to traditional cat litter that’s still easy to clean, smells great, and comes in a variety of options! What is your favorite type of cat litter to use and what do you like about it? Here you can find the best cat litter in bulk for your cats to make them healthy and keep your house neat and clean.


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